Hi everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip. This week I want to give you a little stealth hack on how to find publications that will cover your industry. Look at your competitor’s websites and see what media logos they’re showing. So if they’re showing X number of magazines and you can click – hopefully they should be linking – you can click and link to it and see what the article was about and you can also then see who the journalist was who wrote about your topic. So it’s just a way to kind of speed up the research part of that. But that’s a really good way to find out A) what publications actually cover your topic and then B) who the actual journalists are. And a lot of times they’re freelancers so they write for lots of publications. And then there’s – we have so many tips – you can connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter lots of ways to start to build that relationship. But, that is a great way to find out what media outlets cover you and your industry. So that is this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip.

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