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Praise for the Books

It’s often said that ‘any publicity is good publicity.’ Whether or not this is true is debatable, but what isn’t debatable is that nothing will boost your credibility and visibility faster than leveraging the inordinate power of the media. In PR For Anyone, Christina lays out the exact steps you must take to become a media master and secure massive exposure. Her tips are priceless… as is this book. I highly recommend it.

Steve Olsher 
Steve Olsher

Christina has provided an abridged resource of 100 relevant PR topics, quickly offering up those golden nuggets that you might find on your own after sifting through copious amounts of reading material! Each chapter leaves you with that, “Oh yeah, I can do that!” feeling, taking away any intimidation you may have felt before. Also, this book is a really fun read, which is a downright bonus!

Laurie Collister 
Laurie Collister

“This book offers you a wide variety of very practical and effective ways to get exposure for you, your business and/or products.You will also find you are inspired to act — many of the tips don’t take much time and can have a positive, permanent and lasting impact on your business.”

Kay Bransford 
Kay Bransford


media outlet list
e-mail any journalist

Here’s an easy little trick to contact almost anyone is the media. Each media outlet has a unique e-mail string that everyone uses. If you know that a contact at a magazine, for example, has an e-mail of, you can find just about anyone at that publication. We have compiled a list of over 2,300 e-mail strings of television, magazines, and newspapers in the U.S. and Canada to make it easy for you to e-mail almost any journalis

media list
customized for your needs

We have a unique questionnaire to pinpoint the top media outlets for you or your business. We will provide 10 of the best-matched contacts including national media if pertinent. List includes media outlet, full name, e-mail, address, phone, and fax and social media contact information, if available.


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