Hi everybody! Welcome to this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip. This week, I want to talk about when the best time to host an event is to get the media to come to your event. This is really local – local television and print media. But you want to host a morning event. That is the best time to get them out there. 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. is a great time. And I’ve heard this from so many people in the media, make sure when you pitch about your event you don’t do it a day or two before. You’ve got to give TV and print several weeks to plan this to get somebody to come out to your event to take pictures or video and share that. So if you’re planning an event, you might want to consider a morning event and give that a test and invite the media to join you. So that is this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip. I hope you have enjoyed this tip.

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