Let's Work Together

I work with a limited number of private clients each month. If you would like hands-on, private, one-on-one strategy, book a call and let’s see if it’s a fit, ChatwithChristina.com. Otherwise, there are several self-study programs listed below that will help elevate your visibility, authority, and credibility.

In-Person Trainings/Workshops

Let Chat GPT Be Your Marketing Assistant

Transform your organization’s marketing capabilities with Christina’s dynamic, hands-on group training workshop. This isn’t just another training session—it’s an opportunity to revolutionize how your team engages with AI to supercharge their productivity and creativity.
What You Can Expect:
1. Personalized AI Training: Christina will guide your team step-by-step on how to train ChatGPT to capture and replicate your unique organizational and personal voice to ensure authenticity. 
2. Content Creation Mastery: From crafting compelling blog posts to designing eye-catching social media updates, Christina will show your team how to leverage ChatGPT to produce high-quality content that resonates with your audience.
3. Effortless Marketing Automation: Learn to streamline your marketing efforts by using ChatGPT to create persuasive email sequences, engaging presentations, and more. 
4. Interactive and Engaging Sessions: Christina’s workshop includes hot seats and real-world implementation exercises, ensuring that participants leave with practical, hands-on experience. 
Book Christina’s workshop today and start transforming the way your organization approaches marketing!
This workshop is available in 30/45/60/90 minutes
Inquire for pricing – team@prforanyone.com

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Empower your members/employees to maximize their professional potential on LinkedIn with Christina’s comprehensive, hands-on workshop. This is more than just a profile makeover—it’s a strategic approach to leveraging LinkedIn for networking, client acquisition, and industry influence.
What You Can Expect:
1. Profile Optimization: Christina will provide step-by-step guidance on how to transform LinkedIn profiles into powerful personal branding tools. From headline crafting to experience showcasing to unique nuances in LinkedIn that most people are not familiar with that will elevate a profile. 
2. Compelling Content Creation: Learn how to write engaging posts that not only capture attention but also provoke meaningful interactions. 
3. Effective Engagement Strategies: Go beyond simple likes. Christina will demonstrate how to engage thoughtfully and effectively with connections, fostering deeper relationships and expanding professional networks. 
4. Influencer Collaboration: Discover techniques for identifying and engaging with key influencers within your industry. 
Christina’s LinkedIn optimization workshop is not just an educational session—it’s a strategic advantage. Get ready to see a significant impact on your members’ professional visibility, engagement, and client acquisition.
This workshop is available in 30/45/60/90 minutes
Inquire for pricing – team@prforanyone.com


This “Get Shit Done” experience will have you pitching the media,
building your brand voice, 
mastering media soundbites, gaining on-camera media training, and more – while we’re together!

You’ll also be part of either a four or six-month group coaching and come to Dallas in person to implement. Learn more >> HERE


During this training event, your agent will learn how to use media to generate leads and listings including:

4 ways to maximize social media and start attracting leads in under 30 days
3 ways to land on television, radio, print, and more
How to use social media and publicity TOGETHER to get more listings and buyers

Learn more >> HERE


PR Fast Track

You know you’re good at what you do. You’ve built an established reputation and business… But no one really knows about you. You aren’t the sought-after expert. People don’t automatically look for you online or go to your website because they’ve never heard of you. Is this frustrating you? Become known by appearing in the media and be seen as an industry thought leader. Learn more about PR Fast Track >> HERE

Do You Check Out?

Do you check out when the media or your customers check you out?

Do you wonder why you aren’t getting booked by the media or even closing sales? It’s how you’re showing up (or not showing up) online! Are you telling them what THEY want hear? One of the biggest mistakes in messaging is telling your audience what YOU think they want to hear vs. what THEY really want to hear. It’s usually just simple tweaks to your online presence that will get you to the “YES” from both the media and potential clients/customers.

Learn more about Do You Check Out >> HERE

Let ChatGPT Be Your Marketing/PR Assistant

ChatGPT has been a gamechanger in my business. This incredible tool can be your secret weapon in marketing and PR, but mastering it is key. Think of ChatGPT as your personal assistant – guiding it effectively is the key to success. In this lesson, I’ll demonstrate how to leverage ChatGPT for crafting media pitch ideas, generating content ideas, and creating compelling copy in a matter of seconds. It’s all about how you prompt ChatGPT and I go through this step-by-step. You’ll save countless hours on creating content and what to pitch the media by learning these important steps.

. Learn more >> HERE

Annual Media Pitching Calendar

What if you had a plan and a strategy in place of what to pitch every single month? Discover the art of curating timely and relevant topics tailored to each month. Say goodbye to the stress of wondering what to pitch next. I’ve got a plan for you. Uncover the secrets of timing your pitches perfectly. Magazines, newspapers, and TV – each has its own set of guidelines that if you don’t follow, you will not find the success you are looking for. I’ll guide you through what to pitch when for the biggest impact. Learn more >> HERE

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

In a digital age where your online presence matters more than ever, we often don’t know where potential clients or collaborators will first find us. That’s why your LinkedIn profile needs to shine as your virtual business card and resume, ensuring you make an immediate impression. Your LinkedIn profile is your gateway to the business world. It’s where connections turn into opportunities, and I’m here to guide you step-by-step on how to make your profile stand out. Learn more >> HERE

Nail Your Interview

I’m on a mission to help you not just ace your interviews but to absolutely nail them! With thousands of interviews under my belt, I know the key tips and tricks to make your time in the spotlight unforgettable. We’ll go over all the ways you need to both look and sound great in your interview so you get invited back again and again!

. Learn more >> HERE


COMING SOON!!! The Pitch Power Hour group coaching session to get your pitches done every single week!