In 2017, my word was “bucket-list” and boy did I accomplish a lot! It was a “big” birthday year. My father passed away right after he turned 51 so I wanted to do some things out of my comfort zone in his honor. A lot of amazing things happened.

Personally, my favorite was a family trip to Europe. It was incredible to spend 10 days away, together and experience so many new things.

Professionally, getting a regular segment on Good Morning Washington testing gadgets and products has been a highlight of my career. I love doing it and I love finding new inventors and giving them visibility.

So, what’s my word for 2018? “

FAME.” Not fame like winning an Oscar fame but fame in my industry.

Definition of Fame

widespread reputation, especially of a favorable character; renown; public eminence:

I want to be known as THE do-it-yourself PR guru and trainer and I also want fame for YOU. I want to help as many people as I can become famous in their industry. It’s really not that hard to do if you embrace the power of publicity.

I just worked with a real estate agent who pitched a story to the Washington Post. Within a month his article ran and immediately afterwards, he got three $1M+ listings. I’d say that makes him famous.

Have you taken the free PR Challenge yet, Patricia is a travel agent who is in the challenge. She’s appeared on her local CBS morning show three times in three months talking about vacation travel. That makes her famous and visible to her potential clients.

Getting free publicity is easy if you do the work. And it’s not a lot of work if you think about the ROI. It becomes muscle memory and you just do it, 5-10 minutes a day to put together relevant pitches.

Free publicity exposes your business to thousands, tens of thousands, potentially millions of new customers. Can you afford not to give it a try? What would being famous in your industry mean to your business.

Give the challenge a try and see what happens,

To Your PR Success