I’m Christina Daves with PR For Anyone. Welcome to the first of a regular series of Get Famous Friday PR Tips! The more I talk to people, the more I understand how much people want to be known and seen as experts in their industry. Getting media exposure is one of the fastest and easiest ways to establish that credibility and that visibility.

Today’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip is about finding the right journalist on LinkedIn. What I recommend, though, is that you don’t just connect with them, but include a note to tell them how you can be valuable to them – not your pitch, not what you can do, but what your expertise is and that they should feel free to reach out to you if they ever need any information in your industry.

Do your searches in LinkedIn for media. Pick your top media outlets and then search for them in LinkedIn. See who’s there. Build a relationship. See what they’re posting about. Are they publishing articles? Are they talking about their articles or their television segments? Comment on their work and share with your audience. Build a relationship with a journalist on LinkedIn.

I have had tremendous success doing that. I actually appeared on the Doctor Oz show because I connected with a Doctor Oz producer on LinkedIn. It took about a year but I eventually got on the show. I helped her with so many other stories when she realized that I was very connected entrepreneurially. I used that to my benefit, I stayed connected, and provided value to her. I built a relationship and then, when there was an opportunity for me to be on the show, she reached out.

Do your homework. Connect with journalists on LinkedIn. Build relationships. Then, see yourself in the media.

I’m wishing you tremendous PR success and if you haven’t joined the PR Challenge yet, please do. It is just 10 minutes a day, and I will get you massive visibility. It’s at www.YourPRhallenge.com.