Here is your Get Famous Friday PR Tip. Today, I want to share a resource with you that I use that I share with everybody – it’s called Canva

What it is, is a free graphics site where you can create social media posts and it is amazing. You can do all kinds of stuff on there, but I use it mainly for social media posts. I always joke that if I can do it, anybody can use it. It’s so easy and I’m so not good at this stuff. It’s all drag and drop.

Say you want to do an Instagram post, you click on a template and it drops it right in for you to edit. Then, you can upload one of your pictures or use one of theirs. They’ve got a million templates and pictures you can use – literally, over a million.

Then, they have all these cool fonts that you can use that are already pre-formatted. You just drag it over and then just put whatever you want in and download.

They have Instagram, Facebook, Facebook covers, Twitter, Twitter covers, LinkedIn, everything. It’s amazing. Save yourself a ton of time. I’ve talked about automation before – it’s a great way to automate by pre-doing all these posts in Canva for free, downloading them, and then just uploading them into an automation tool.

So, start using Canva, and then check out the automation one as well and start getting that stuff just running by itself. I hope this tip is very helpful to you if you haven’t used Canva yet, or if you have used it and haven’t been using it regularly, put it on your regular schedule.

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