Hey, hey. It’s Christina Daves with your Get Famous Friday PR Tip. This one might seem logical, but a lot of people really don’t do it. If you’re gonna pitch the media, do your homework.

Know exactly what that media outlet covers and how they cover it, whether it’s television or newspapers or magazines. So, that in your pitch, you actually layout the section that you could be in, or how the segment would look on television. By doing that, it just puts you light years ahead of your competition and makes it that much easier for the media outlet to say “Yes.”

They will feel more inclined to say “yes” when you’ve done the homework and you’ve shown the work, and you show how it’s a perfect fit. So, just make sure you take those extra few minutes, watch some segments if you want to be on a particular television show, read the magazine, really know your newspaper, radio, podcast. Whatever it is, do your homework and it will really help you get more media coverage.

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