Hey everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip. This week. I want to talk about timing. Because timing is everything. It’s all about when you get that pitch into the newsroom. If it’s timely, breaking news, get it in there follow up with a phone call. If it’s a really busy news time, it might get lost in the shuffle.

So, I guess what I’m telling you is don’t get frustrated, that timing really is important and that’s why you want to send in a pitch. You want to follow up with a phone call and then say you’re going to send that email again to get it to the top of their email box. So just remember timing is super important and always send in your media pitch, like if it’s for television, don’t do it when you know they’re on the air – when the producer is on the air. If it’s for a newspaper, figure out when their deadlines are and don’t send it, you know an hour before their deadline. So that is this week’s PR Tip. Timing is everything.

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