Last Wednesday, I took my “baby” to college. With this big event fast approaching over the summer, I’ve been thinking a lot about what empty nest is going to be like. What are the things I always really wanted to do but maybe didn’t try because I still had kids at home?


That being said, for those of you who have followed me for a while, you know I’m all about going for it… just ask. With full freedom and an empty house, I decided to go after my big dream…QVC.


I’ve always been a product nut. I owned a retail boutique for almost 10 years. Then, I invented a product and now have a regular segment on Good Morning Washington featuring products. QVC is the pinnacle – it’s the show anyone who demonstrates products dreams of being on.


We were in the car driving my daughter to Virginia Tech and I went for it! I submitted the QVC Guest Host online entry form, and sent in my reel and resume. The next day, I got an email from QVC saying I was being invited to audition. AHHHHHH!!!!! It happened! The big dream is right there in front of me. T-7 days, and I will be at QVC in West Chester, PA going for it all!


If you think I’m showing up at QVC to audition and not being 1000% prepared, you’re wrong. I have one week to learn every in and out of QVC, so I can go in armed and ready. Then, if they don’t choose me, I know I did everything I could and it wasn’t meant to be.


You know I’m always talking about doing your homework before you pitch the media so you stand out and have a better chance of being covered. This week I’m walking the walk with QVC. I’m doing my homework so I have the best chance of success next week.


1. How does QVC run a segment? – I’ve watched QVC for years but never analyzed how a segment runs. I’ve had QVC Live running on my phone since Thursday. I’ve also been consuming segments on YouTube to see exactly how they demonstrate products and how they sell. What are key words they use? How do they look at the camera? How do they show products? How do they engage with guests/hosts?


2. What to wear on QVC – I’ve been Googling hosts and guests to see what they wear on air. I need to look the part. It will really depend on what category they assign me. If I’m showing tennis shoes, I’ll wear something different than if I’m demonstrating diamonds. The top categories I chose are kitchen and accessories so we’ll see what I end up with for the audition and what I come up with to wear. (Stay tuned on social media. Look for #RoadtoQVC updates)


3. Google research – I’ve read every blog post I can find about auditioning for QVC. I’m learning from those who went before me. Reading their advice. What did they experience? What can I learn from them?


Just like I share with all of you when pitching the media, I’m doing my homework and will know that I am as prepared as I can be for my audition. From what I’ve read, there could be thousands of others with the same dream there next week. So, the best I can do is my best and we’ll see what happens. Wish me luck!