Hey everybody, it’s Christina Daves, with your Get Famous Friday PR tip. This week, I want to talk about: are you ready for publicity?

It’s really, really important that you know what’s coming, and that your website can handle it. I have a product that I love, and bought for my husband from Good Morning America. So, I told all my friends – oh my gosh, it was like this steals and deals, or whatever they have on there. And, their website didn’t work. And I cannot imagine how much business they lost because they weren’t prepared for hundreds of thousands of hits.

I also have a friend who was approached by O Magazine, as one of their favorites, but she knew she couldn’t produce what she was going to need to do to get those orders. She actually turned it down, but it probably saved her business because the negative impact of – your website can’t handle it, if it crashes, it goes down, it’s a bad customer experience, is so not good.

And there’s so many resources today. So, if you get that media hit, whether it be local, or national, make sure that your website can handle orders if you’re selling something, or can handle traffic with just people coming to see it.

So that is this week’s PR tip – when you get that publicity, be ready for it.

And, if you’d like to learn more, please join the PR challenge, at www.yourprchallenge.com. I show you step-by-step every day, for ten days, how to get media coverage, so that you can have your website ready for this massive influx of potential customers. I’m really excited about it, and I hope you will join. And, we’ll see you in the media.