I’ve decided to share some of my favorite PR tips with you over the coming weeks. Photography might be THE most important investment you can make as a business owner. It is the face of your business. To begin with, your headshot, says everything about you. Take care when you have a headshot done. As soon as you post it anywhere on the Internet it will be available in Google images so make sure it’s a picture you want the world to see. If you are a product based business, any photographs of your product must be high quality. This is the first impression anyone will have of your product so make sure it’s quality.

Also, when pitching the media, if they like it, they might ask for a hi-res photo ASAP. You need to have one ready that is media-ready. I can’t tell you how many times I have received an email that says, “Hey, we’d love to put you in our magazine, but we need a high resolution photo in the next hour.” Make sure you invest in a good, high quality headshot and good high quality product shots. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, just make sure you get something really, really well done.

Emailing tip – only send a hi-res photo when requested. If you are sending an email to a journalist and you want to use an image, send it in a lower resolution and offer to send a hi-res if they need one.

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