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This week’s PR tip is all about awards and contests. This is a really great way to get media coverage, especially locally. This is about whom in your community you can reward. Is there an athlete who is doing exceptionally well? Offer a small scholarship like $250 or $500. Is there anyone in your community who’s really making an impact or a local her? Give them an impact award. The key here is to make sure that when you do present this award, you invite your local media to attend. Local media is always on the look out for good community stories like this.

Another great way to get local media coverage is to hold a contest. Here’s an example of a contest for an exterior home painter. You could have a contest in your community, “Which home is most in need of an exterior paint job.” You’d have people submit pictures or videos. Encourage people to vote through social media. When you narrow it down to the top 3 or 5, invite one of your local journalists to participate in the judging and/or come to the event. This contest costs you paint and time. It’s cheaper than running an ad in your local paper and you get all of that positive exposure.

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