Trying to Gain Media Exposure for Your Small Business?

The hottest thing going right now is the podcast.  Some of the biggest names in business have podcasts. From Suze Orman to Mad Money’s Jim Cramer.

What do I have in common with Damon John of Shark Tank?

We were guests on the same podcast.



I am nowhere near the star power of Damon John and that’s what is so awesome about the podcast. With a good topic, anyone can be a guest.

I interviewed two people who both have podcasts and are also guests on other people’s podcasts about their experience with Podcasts.

Jennifer Fugo is the founder of Gluten Free School, a website dedicated to teaching gluten-sensitive individuals simple, savvy and empowering steps to get healthy and the host of a top ranking Alternative Health Podcast,

I asked Jen her thoughts on pitching podcasts.

“I love receiving qualified pitches, but rarely get them.  People often tell me that they never think to reach out to podcasts, but I’m always looking for guests as I like to be booked out pretty far in advance with guests for the bi-monthly show.  

 A pitch that would stand out to me would be straight-forward and without any fluff.  Bullet points make it easy for me to scan, and a good headline is important to grab my attention.  I want to have easy access to their website, a short bio and a 2 or 3 sentence blurb about what they’re promoting (ie. book or program). And last, but certainly not least – make sure you’ve looked at my website and understand my audience.  Pitch me if our audiences overlap in some way or if you honestly think that my audience and I will care about what you’re pitching.  

As an example, I have a lot of companies approach me to review products that I’d NEVER eat, let alone promote.  If they actually spent even 5 minutes on my website, they would know if we were a good fit or not.”

Lastly, remember to share the interviews that you do.  Just as I’m sharing your work on the show with my audience, be willing to promote the interview we do with yours.  If you’re willing to share our interview, I’m more likely to invite you back for multiple appearances and support your work in the future.  Building relationships is a two-way street!”

I also interviewed Mike Kawula of The Self Employed King, Mike helps small businesses become successful using the strategies that helped him build a $20,000/week local cleaning business and selling over $10 million with his online business.

“Myself, I don’t accept pitches unless I’ve built a relationship with the person, which starts with commenting and sharing content. 

Every day I personally listen to a new Podcast and will leave them a review if I’d like to be on the show. I target New & Noteworthy as they want interviews and want reviews. 

I then put them in list and share there content and also put them in my RSS to comment on their new content. I do this in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  

It’s all about relationships!”

If you follow my blog or me, you know I’m all about building relationships. I found it interesting how both Jen and Mike refer to that in terms of podcasts too.

Pick podcasts where you see a fit ( Listen to them. Comment and share their work and then, send in your pitch.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!