If you’re reading this post, you’re likely looking for tips to gain free publicity.  My goal with this blog it give you great ideas on how to do just that.

In honor of March Madness this month, let’s talk about your “story.” Publicity is about the story and that’s your slam dunk to gain media coverage. Your goal in gaining free publicity is to provide a story that a journalist’s audience will want to hear about.

What’s Your Story?

I was a panelist at a Meet the Media event last week and there was a lovely woman in the front row who raised her hand at the end to ask a question. She said she was paying a publicist $5000/month and they had gotten a little bit of coverage but she wanted to know what she could do on her own to help the publicist and get more coverage.  So I asked her, “What’s your story?” “What makes you different from your competitors?” “What can you share that no one else can share?” I almost fell out of my chair when she started speaking.

Here’s Her Story:

She told me how she has 14 children all of whom she home schools. Her business does $2 million annually and she takes all 14 children with her to Africa to hand pick every ingredient that goes in her product line. Why has this story not been on 60 Minutes? WOW!!! Don’t underestimate what your story is and who would be interested in it. We all have a story about why we started our businesses. Make your story newsworthy and turn it into something a journalist will want to share with his or her viewers or readers.

What’s My Story?

As you know from following PR for Anyone™, I’ve gotten quite a bit of media coverage. The media likes my story for two reasons. Part 1 of my story is that I created a product out of necessity – looking and feeling horrible in a medical boot after breaking my foot and a trip to New York City, Fashion Capital of the World – led me to create this product. Part 2 of my story is the perseverance it took to get the product to market and creating an entire new product category (www.healinstyle.com). My story appeals to both product-based media coverage and also business outlets.

Why did you start your business? What’s the background? The history? What makes you different? Package your story and pitch the media. They are always looking for a good story to share. I’d love to hear your story. Please share it.

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