I’ve been teaching do-it-yourself publicity for years now and my biggest piece of advice for success is to find a niche in your industry, think outside of the box, and then pitch a story around that. That is how you will stand out in the crowd with the media. I’m not one of those people who is just telling you what to do. I’m doing this stuff every single day in my own business. I use all the resources I recommend and I’m also regularly pitching stories. When I was on the Steve Harvey Show, that transformed my business. I’ve been pitching ever since and have never looked back. I’ve been on Dr. Oz, and lots of local affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX in various states. I’ve decorated medical boots if a host has a broken foot. I’ve been featured as a guest on how to get free publicity. I even did a guerilla marketing stunt that got me on the Today Show. I don’t always get booked but all it takes is that one pitch that someone relates to get hundreds of thousands, even millions of eyes on your business. On my bucket-list has been to have a regular television segment. I’ve been pitching it for a while but got “no’s” or “not now’s.” I’ve been tweaking the pitch and niching in the various things I can niche, and just continued pitching.  I also found through my connections someone I know who knew the producer I was pitching. I niched the pitch to be a regular product segment where I would highlight products that solve problems. As an inventor, I have an eye for these things and that gives me the credibility to be the product expert. Combining the new pitch and a mutual connection led to success. The first segment is on the books!

Rules for Pitching Success

1) Pitch 2) Follow up 3) Niche the pitch as needed 4) Continue pitching and following up 5) Who do you know who knows that producer or journalist? Media today is 24/7/365 and they need good stories. Let me help you formulate good stories and how to pitch the media successfully in my free PR challenge, www.YourPRChallenge.com To Your PR Success!!!

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