For years, I’ve been speaking, writing and teaching about my interactions with journalists and how they talk about stories needing to “fit” and if you send in a good pitch but it doesn’t work now, it goes into a special file of “where can I make this work?”

It’s happened to me personally. I pitched Vail Beaver Creek Magazine about my medical boot fashions and I never heard back… until a year later when they reached out and said they loved the story when I sent it in, but it didn’t fit at that time. Then, Peekaboo Street, the former Olympic Gold Medal skier, broke her foot and they were doing a story about her and NOW it fit. She was in a boot and they were able to highlight my cool product.

As you may know, I know have a somewhat regular spot demoing cool products on my local ABC morning show, Good Morning Washington. I love doing this because it allows me to share great products I find in the marketplace. As an inventor, I tend to have an eye for products that make life easier or solve problems so now I get to share my expertise. This also puts me on the other side of the fence. I am now the journalist receiving pitches.

As the word is getting out and I put in my own HARO requests, people are sending me really great products. They are awesome but I have to make them fit into a story. I can’t just show seven products. I have to put them together so they flow and follow a theme. It’s really fascinating how it works and it allows me to see how it works from the journalist’s perspective.

Being on the other end now, I totally get it. I wanted to share this with you so you don’t get frustrated when you pitch a great story and it doesn’t get covered right away. It’s like a 1000-piece puzzle that you’re trying to put together. Eventually, you put it all together but it might take some time to find the perfect fit. But a good story will fit… eventually. So, keep pitching and stay front of mind with your target journalists.

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