Hi everybody! It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip. Happy New Year! I cannot believe it’s 2020! Super excited! Everyone I’ve talked to is excited about this year.

So I want you to get in the media this year. And to start, I want you to have a plan. So I want you to look up, and research in Google, and find five journalists. All you need is 5. If it’s your local market, that’s great. If you’ve got some national in there – find people who are writing about your industry. And then look at a calendar and look at what you can do every single month where you can pitch an evergreen story idea. That’s something that doesn’t change, that’s related to that month. That doesn’t have to do with breaking news. And I want you to set out a plan. I want you to mark your calendar and I want you to start pitching the media. Build a relationship. Let those five journalists get to know you as you’re constantly sending things in, they’re going to recognize you and eventually they’re going to use your story. Or the other thing, which is really fun, is when they reach out to you to get a quote or something for a story that they’re working on. So I want you to just get started. 2019 was amazing for people in the PR for Anyone community. We had national television, local, regional, newspapers, print, radio – just across the board incredible! And I know what it will do for your business.

I also want you to join the Challenge if you haven’t done it yet – YourPRChallenge.com. It takes 10 days. It’s just a few minutes every single day. And I want you to start doing that. It will change your business in 2020. I’m super excited to have you join us! Get excited! Get ready! Make 2020 your year to get PR Famous. So I will see you in our group and I will see you in the media.