Hi everybody! It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip. I want to share something that just happened with me that I don’t think I’ve ever shared in a tip before, so this is kind of case study/PR Tip. Stay connected with journalists, producers, editors, people that you meet.

So I was on my local FOX station six years ago and the memory popped up in Facebook. So I thought oh, this is fun and I put it out on Facebook and tagged the anchor who has now become a friend. Well, she went on to tag the old producer who did that and said, ”Oh can you believe…” At that time she was just starting in the industry. Well, she’s now a senior producer at NBC and she friended me on Facebook and we have totally connected and I have been sending her story ideas. So this is why it’s so important when you have media exposure, stay connected to those people. Build relationships with them! And I like I said, I let one slip through the cracks and thank goodness it just came back up. So that is this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip.

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