Hey, everybody, welcome to this week’s Get Famous Friday, PR Tip. I am Christina Dave’s with PR for Anyone. This weeks tip is about LinkedIn video.

If you’re not familiar with that – LinkedIn is now allowing us to post videos on their platform. That started earlier this year and because it’s new it’s having a huge impact on how many people see it. You know, sometimes you’ll put in a LinkedIn post and maybe you get 10 views, or put a video in there and you can get thousands of views. As we all know, we’ve talked about this before, 80% of all content consumed in 2019 is going to be video so I’d love for you guys to start getting that video on LinkedIn.

Why that’s important with PR is the media will check you out. They’ve got to have credible sources. They’ve got to have people, also with good networks that can help share their stories, so with that strong LinkedIn profile and that strong network and when they go to your page and they see that you’ve done all these content videos in your industry, it just makes you so much more impactful.

They don’t have to be long. I post these on LinkedIn, and these are all under two minutes, and I get a lot of coverage with that and a lot of people love them, so think about what you can do in your industry and do two-minute, five-minute, you know, if you want to do a little bit longer, 10-minute, that’s fine, but start getting out there on LinkedIn. It’s really, really important and like I said, it’s kind of like the early bird gets the worm. Those of us who are implementing this new strategy now are taking advantage of the people who aren’t, and we get so much more viewership on our videos.

So that’s this week’s PR Tip. I hope you’ll start doing LinkedIn videos or take videos that you have and, it’s not live on LinkedIn. This is recorded video so if you’ve got videos already done? Make a plan and just start uploading them on a regular basis on LinkedIn.

So that’s this week’s tip, I’d like to invite you for more, to have more success. It’s at YourPRChallenge.com. Completely free. Give me 10 minutes a day for 10 days – I send you a video and actionable items, and you will have success. You will get more visibility for your business. I hope to see you in the Challenge, and I can’t wait to see you in the media!