Hi everybody, it’s Christina Daves with this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip. This week I want to talk about the word no. What does no mean in the media?

And what I’ve learned after so many years of doing this, is that no or not hearing back from a journalist is quite often a not now. They are so busy and I’ve been really fortunate to interview so many journalists that all have told me the same thing. “Yeah, I should get back to people and tell them the pitch didn’t fit now, but I’m so busy.”

So, they keep a folder on their desk or somewhere with good pitches, and they might get back to you on it. So, it’s really important not to get frustrated. ‘Cause if you get frustrated you’re gonna give up, and if you give up, you’re not gonna have media success. So, I want you to pitch every single month. And remember that not hearing back is okay.

I will tell you my story – I invented fashion accessories for medical boots, and I pitched Vail-Beaver Creek magazine. Perfect fit for me, right? And nothing. Not a word for a year. But a year later Picabo Street broke her foot, and was in a boot. They were writing a story about her and they ended up doing an inset of my product in there. How Picabo could look good while she’s recovering from this injury or surgery that she had. That was a year later. Are you still in business? Can you send us high resolution photos?

Remember that no is very likely not now, and don’t get frustrated. Keep pitching the media.

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