Hey everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Get Famous Friday PR Tip. This week, I want to talk about thinking outside of the box when you do your pitches.

Don’t say what everybody else is saying. Don’t do the black and white that everybody’s gonna pitch the media. Give the media the gray. Give them the excitement.

One of my favorite stories is what a newspaper editor told me. He said, “You know, everybody opens their business and the mayor comes and they do the big ribbon cutting.” He goes, “I don’t want the ribbon cutting.” He goes, “If you’re opening a cupcakery, I wanna see the mayor taking a bite of the cupcake. That’s what I wanna see.” That same thing, it’s a grand opening of the cupcakery, but instead of the ribbon cutting, it’s biting into the cupcake.

I hope that gets you to start thinking a little bit outside of the box – getting a little creative. That’s this week’s PR Tip.

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