Hey everyone. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s get famous Friday, PR tip. This week I want to just remind you to make sure that you’re pitching the right journalist.

That’s so important with the media. If you’re not sure, pick up the phone, call the newsroom, Google WJLA newsroom, WRC newsroom, wherever you are, whatever that station is, and say, “Hey, who would be the producer who would handle a story about X? Who is the reporter who would write about, or who would tell the story about Y?”

Make sure, and it really is that easy, picking up the phone and finding out, but make sure, even if you think you have the right journalist, call them – “Hey, I’ve got a great story idea. I’ve been following you. I see you cover X, Y and Z, I wanted to make sure that this would be something in your wheelhouse that you would cover.”

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