Hi, everyone. It’s Christina Daves with PR for Anyone, with your Get Famous Friday PR tip. This week what I want to talk to you about is providing a quote for your local media or national media about breaking news.

If there’s something that’s happening in your industry that you can speak to, create a quote. If it’s against what the norm is doing, if it’s a little controversial, do what you know in your industry. But, if you’re just going to say, “oh, yeah, this happened and this is normal, this is what’s going to happen,” you’re not as likely to media attention.

If you have something that you wrote about or your book is about this or this is your topic, and it’s breaking news, send that email and follow up with a phone call and give them a quotable. Give them something they can use according to, “Christina Daves, Do It Yourself PR Expert, XYZ.” So, think about that when breaking news hits, what can you do instantly – send the email, do the followup phone call.

So that is this week’s PR Tip. Think about that. Use that when breaking news happens

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