Hey there, it’s Christina Daves with your Get Famous Friday PR Tip. Today, I want to talk about the month of August. The month of August is the slowest news month. If you want to get on local television, or in your local media, I strongly recommend pitching stories in August.

Obviously, you’re going to be doing that now in July. Find your local media contacts and the producers of the shows.

You’ve really got to know your show, too. Watch your shows, read your regional magazines, read your local papers, see where a story idea could fit, and if it’s related to something that’s coming up.

August is the time to pitch. I really think that was how I got on my local television morning show. I prepared and did really well, and I’m invited back all the time – it’s really awesome and I love it. I really think it was because I pitched in August. Well, I pitched prior to, but I got my yes in August.

So, think about that. Think of what you can pitch the media and take advantage of the slow news time to get your foot in the door, and get on television, or get in your local papers.

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