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Success Stories

Thanks to the efforts and tips from Christina, my company was recently featured on FOX 5 news.

Thanks to the efforts and tips from Christina, my company was recently featured on FOX 5 news. Her determination and energy is a great example that all business owners should follow. Best of all, Christina is a generous and kind person and always happy to help others succeed.


I highly recommend her products, company and her!

Christina is one of the most focused and high energy business women I know. She is willing to help anyone and takes this spirit with her into her business. I believe it is one of the main reasons her company is so successful. I highly recommend her products, company and her!

Joan Fletcher

“We highly recommend her services.…”

We are greatly enjoying working with Christina Daves and PR for Anyone®. She is a terrific source of knowledge for our Light of Healing Hope Foundation. We highly recommend her services.

Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave

She helped to secure a TV interview!

Christina Daves’ expert guidance helped me target specific media outlets and public speaking venues to expand my firm’s reach. She developed a customized plan with valuable key contacts to gain wider distribution for my book and even helped to secure a TV interview! She was an absolute joy to work with and her professionalism and generous spirit are first class. I highly recommend her to businesses ready to make a bigger impact.

Shari J Goodwin 
Shari J Goodwin

I could not stop writing today!

We really appreciated your visit, and the passion and excitement you brought! I usually don’t take many notes because the info is non-relevant or already understood, but could not stop writing today! You’ve gotten to know our business in a short while, and think you really offered some great advice. You also struck a note with me on how, with a little effort and a lot of focus, we can get our brand out there even more. Exponentially more.

Chris Capell 
Chris Capell

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