Every year we spend a week at the beach in South Carolina. Usually I have my laptop on-hand and spend a few hours a day cranking out “important” work and answering email. This year, I promised myself and my family that I would unplug (as much as humanly possible as a self-proclaimed workaholic is able to do).

The picture above is real and it was taken on my iphone by my girlfriend because I don’t know how to do a panoramic on my iphone and our husbands came to the beach without theirs. Again, workaholic trying to unplug but thank goodness I had the phone with me! After a 2-minute downpour, the clouds disappeared and there it was, a full double-rainbow. In my entire life, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a complete single rainbow end-to-end, and if I did, it certainly wasn’t this vibrant. Never have I seen anything like this!

I took the rainbow as a sign. The hard work is paying off. There is something special waiting at the end of the rainbow and it’s okay to wind down, take some time off, and enjoy the wonders of life.

I read three (non-business) books while sitting on the beach all day almost every day. We did get a little scare from Hurricane Arthur but where we were, he was more bark than bite. We ate great food, drank great wine, visited with great friends we only see once a year, and I came back a new person.

My blogs are always filled with PR tips and this week’s blog is about changing scenery and breaking from work, work, work to get creative again. I have several new clients that I’m working with next week and they will totally reap the benefit of my newfound energy and creativity.

On a personal note, and because by now you should know I always practice what I preach, I’ve collaborated with two other entrepreneurs and we’ll be pitching the media some ideas I think they are going to love. It’s been awhile since I’ve had something I’m this excited to pitch and can’t wait for the results. 

Sometimes we hit roadblocks and our creativity gets stuck behind walls we’ve built when we get frustrated. Let yourself have some time off to regroup and get your creative juices going again. I feel like a kid in a candy store and can’t wait to work with my new clients and also to pitch all of these new ideas.

Let me know what you come up with after a little time off and if you need some help, let me know.

To Your PR Success,