Social media can be overwhelming. I get it. Interestingly, I was looking at my Google analytics recently and realized that for both of my businesses, the 2nd largest traffic generator to my websites was Pinterest. So I thought I’d share some info on Pinterest and inspire you to check it out.

Pinterest is one of the top 5 social media sites with more than 250 million unique visitors a month. Once a haven for those looking for inspiration for their homes and gardens, it is now recognized as an excellent site to promote your business. With just a little savvy and effort, you can use Pinterest to boost sales and become well known in the business community.

TIP 1 – Business Page

If you are on Pinterest for the main purpose of doing business, you should have a business page instead of a personal page. Business pages have additional analytics features not available on personal pages, which helps you determine if your sales strategy is working. You can track which content gets the most re-pins, the number of unique users, visits and impression to your site and the your number of re-pins.

TIP 2 – Influencers

Pinterest has a growing business community with influencers who are well known in their industries. One of the best ways to get noticed is to re-pin and make insightful comments on their posts. This not only gets their attention, but that of their followers.

TIP 3 – Branding

Create boards that reflect your brand. Strike a balance of purely social boards and business boards; about 20 to 30 percent business to social is a good number. Join, or even create, group boards whose interests align with your business.

TIP 4 – Rich Pins

Pinterest has a feature called “rich pins” that helps your pins be found by the right viewers. Each type of pin has a different set of information that can be included. For example, product pins include where to buy, real-time pricing and availability while place pins include a map, address and phone number.

TIP 5 – Be Social

One major mistake that businesses make on Pinterest is to “pin it and forget it.” Remember that this is a social network, so be sociable. Make timely responses to comments and keep up with the conversation. If you are using community managers, make sure they do the same. Users are more likely to consider buying from a company with a personal touch.

TIP 6 – Infographics

Using infographics is an excellent way to lure potential customers to your site with information. Users love to share useful tips and tricks. If you don’t want to create your own infographics, share the ones you feel would be beneficial to your customers.

TIP 7 – Pins

Pack information into your pins by using as much real estate as possible. Create long, narrow images to get maximum attention. Include as long a description as possible to keep people on your pin as long as possible, and don’t forget to add a link to your business site in the description. Also make sure your source link is included to lead back to your site.

TIP 8 – Use Images

Make your blog posts pinable by including a pinable image and a “Pin It” link on every post. If you see someone pinning one of your blog posts, leave a thank you and offer to provide more information in the comments. This is an excellent way to put yourself right in front of potential customers.

These are just a few ways to boost your sales and get recognition for your business using Pinterest. The business promotion aspect of the site is in full gear, so don’t miss out. Establish your presence on Pinterest and see firsthand how it can help you. Check out both of my Pinterest Accounts:

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To Your PR Success,

Christina Daves