This Month, Go for ANYTHING Olympics Related.

We only get the winter Olympics every four years so this is a perfect time for that unique, outside-of-the-box pitch you can tie to the Olympics.

What can you add to a media outlet that is related to the Olympics?

Here are some suggestions:

Chobani – Are you familiar with the nightmare Chobani is going through? They are a sponsor of the US Olympic Team. The athletes eat Chobani yogurt and need it for their training (all natural, full of protein) and Russia won’t let it in the country. So, 5 pallets of yogurt are sitting in New York trying to get to Sochi. This is so big, even the White House has gotten involved.

Where do you come in?

Are you an expert in any of the following:

  •  international relations,
  •  US/Russia relations,
  •  food distribution,
  •  import/export,
  •  public relations,
  •  customs,
  •  food & nutrition

You see where I’m going with this? Your local media needs experts who can speak to this topic. Pick up the phone and call them and tell them you can help.

What else is Olympics related?

Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Wellness or Lifestyle Coaches, even Psychologists

What does it takes to become an Olympic athlete? The commitment, the training involved, the diet, the lifestyle, it makes for a good story. Offer your expertise with regards to an Olympic athlete.

Do you have a connection?

Do you have any ties to a past Olympics or Olympian? I watched the greatest story last night on my local news. It turns out that the mayor of the neighboring town was on the Jamaican Bobsled team in the 80’s. He was a U.S. diplomat stationed in Jamaica at the time. They showed photos of him with his Jamaican teammates at the opening ceremonies… wearing a cowboy hat. It was awesome! Who knew?!?!

Can you relate to an athlete?

My small business designs and manufactuers fashion accessories to turn those awful, ugly medical boots into something fashionable. During the summer Olympics, U.S. gymnast, Jordyn Wieber, broke her foot and was put in a medical boot. CastMedic Designs to the rescue! We were able to get product to her when she arrived back in the states and have a photo to show for it!

This is two solid weeks of a need for experts who can speak on the Olympics. Pitch, pitch, pitch newspapers and television stations anything Olympics related!

Let me know what you pitched and how it went!