Did you know that you can organically grow your SEO just from getting free publicity?

When I started both my businesses I debated on whether or not to pay a company to handle search engine optimization (SEO). It’s such a scary concept for me because I don’t really understand it and I was so afraid I was throwing money out the window because I couldn’t figure out if it was really going to work or not.

Instead I just tried to get as much exposure as I could using free publicity and the amazing part was, the SEO came with that, and it didn’t cost me a penny.

Two years ago, if you Googled “Christina Daves” I didn’t even show up. You got Christina Aguilera and a famous Christina Daves from Atlanta who sings the National Anthem for the pro sports teams there. Fast-forward two years and now when you Google “Christina Daves” I’m the only thing that comes up for the first 14 pages of Google. Potential clients are of course going to check me out before they work with me and how credible do I look with 14 pages of Google?

So how can you have the same success? The reason I have such good SEO is because I borrowed it from media sources that are very credible. When a high-ranking site writes about you, you get the benefit of their SEO. Sites like Huffington Post, Forbes, Success, and Entrepreneur are very high-ranking so you basically get to ride their SEO coattails. As much as a TODAY Show appearance can explode your business, they won’t link back to your site so it’s important to incorporate blogs and online resources in your PR outreach because that is what will grow your SEO and get you on the first pages of Google.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through HARO, Help a Reporter Out, www.helpareporter.com. Three times a day they send out queries from journalists looking for sources or experts for their stories. I’ve been on the Steve Harvey Show, Dr. Oz, Success, Parenting, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many more, all as a result of HARO. This is absolutely worth any amount of time you put into it. Imagine if someone Googled you and you had page after page after page of credibility? What would that do for your business? I know what it’s done for mine.

The key to having success with HARO though is responding in a way the journalists will read your response. Remember, they could be getting 500 emails on one query. I’ve figured out how to stand out in the crowd and I want you to have the same success. Go to www.FreeGiftFromChristina.com and you can download a PDF I created that shares my tips for success with HARO. Sign up today and use this resource and you could see results as early as tomorrow.

To Your PR Success,