Hey, it’s Christina Daves with your Get Friday Famous PR Tip. So, today I want to talk about what happens if the media calls, what happens if you get that television interview, what do you wear?

So, my number one tip is watch the show. See what the hosts are wearing – Are the women wearing dresses? Are the men wearing suits? Are they much more casual? Are they wearing jeans and Vans? You want to dress appropriate for your business, but also for the show, so if they’re super casual in tennis shoes you don’t want to come in a three piece suit – you would dress it down a little bit.

Another thing to think about is bright colors. Men, wear bright colored shirts. Women, bright colored dresses and bright colored shirts. That looks great on TV, and you’ll notice that’s what they wear. Stay away from any kind of patterns, busy things, because for television it reflects and does weird things to your eyes. So, solid colors, bright colors, and pay attention to what they wear and dress accordingly so you fit in with them.

I’m really excited if this has happened for you, and I can’t wait to hear about it, and I can’t wait to see it.

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