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Hey, everybody. It’s Christina Daves with your Get Famous Friday PR Tip. This week, to start off the new year, I want to talk about the Get PR Famous Formula because this is something that is going to help you through the rest of the year.

So, it’s super easy. It’s a formula, it’s not proprietary, it’s just years and years of trial and error that I figured out. You want to be news worthy, you want to create a great hook, and you want to find the right journalist. And if you have all three of those processes in place, you will be light years ahead of your competition.

So, think of something that makes you stand out in your industry, find a niche, find a national trend that you can bring local, something that makes it news worthy. Write a great hook, write a great headline, look at magazine covers – those are always great hooks. Then, Google who your journalist is. Google who that person is. And follow that process, and like I said, you will be so much further ahead than everybody else who’s pitching the media, and you will help give the media exactly what they want.

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