Hey everybody! It’s Christina Daves with your Get Famous Friday PR Tip. Today, I just want to talk briefly about why publicity is so valuable and the difference between publicity and advertising.

Advertising is a part of marketing. It’s an important part, but it’s something that you pay for, and you dictate the message – people know that. You know when you’re flipping through a newspaper or a magazine or, of course, watching it on television, you know what a paid ad is – they’re telling you exactly what they want you to hear.

Now, publicity is free, and it’s called earned media. It’s somebody else telling the world how great you are, and that’s why there’s so much value and power to it.

I always love to use the analogy of a Joe’s Pizza. We all have a Joe’s Pizza in our community. So, let’s say you’re flipping through your local paper. You see the ad for Joe’s Pizza, best pizza outside of New York City, and then you flip a few more pages, and there’s an article that says, “Hidden New York Pizza Gem.” And you go on and read the article, and the person who wrote it moved here three years ago from Brooklyn and has “never had pizza this good outside of New York.” Which one is going to make you want to go try that pizza? The article is. So, that’s why getting free publicity is so important.

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