Hey there. It’s Christina Daves with this weeks Get Famous Friday PR Tip. This week, I want to ask you guys a question. Is your website ready to handle a media hit?

That’s huge issue if it’s not. I always use an example – I had seen a product on Shark Tank and I told all my friends about it. It was on Good Morning America, their morning steals and deals.¬†Their website crashed because they couldn’t handle the traffic. None of my friends ordered because they all got frustrated.

So, it’s really important that you’re ready for it. I have another colleague who was asked to be in O Magazine and she knew she couldn’t handle it so, she turned it down. Huge for her business to do that but, knowing that the negative side of it could have been so much worse.

So right now, get your website up to speed. Make sure it’s ready to go. Make sure it looks like a website from 2018, 2019, 2020 versus the 1900s, you know 1999. Have it ready to go. Make sure it can handle the traffic. If you’re a product-based website, make sure you can handle the orders because you don’t want the negative customer service that goes with it, the negative feelings, and the ick when people go to your website and it doesn’t load or they can’t find out about you.

So, make sure your website is ready and I know you’re going to get publicity especially if you follow our PR challenge at www.YourPRChallenge.com. It’s absolutely free, and only 10 days. It’s 10 minutes a day and I will show you step-by-step how to get massive publicity and visibility for your business. I hope to see you there and I’ll see you next week for another PR Tip next Friday.