When I say that branding is THE number one most important part of a PR plan, people often look at me like I’m crazy. What does branding have to do with PR? Actually, it has everything to do with a PR campaign.

Are you sending a consistent message across all areas of your business? Does your Facebook look like your Twitter and is that consistent with your website and blog? It is imperative that if a customer or the media finds you and visits your various sites, that they know you are the same person and you are sending the same message.

Tips for Branding Success

1)   Use the same fonts, logos, taglines, and similar images on everything you do including business cards, website, blog, social media, and marketing materials.

2)   Make your social media headers consistent. One way to do that is through Fiverr. Find one person to design all your covers so that if someone goes to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or YouTube, they all are consistently branded.

3)   Be consistent in your message.  Make sure for example, that what you’re tweeting sends the same message as what you blog about and what you post on your Facebook page.

A consistently branded message adds to your credibility.  A mixed message confuses your customer. Establish a messaging platform and use that across the board with information you provide to the consumer.

Let’s take PR for Anyone® as an example.  The messaging platform for this business it to provide tips and resources for small businesses to easily and effectively gain free media exposure.

  • Both Facebook and Twitter posts provide this type of information.
  • Weekly blog posts like this one offer tips and information to help get free publicity for your business.

 If you compare all of these avenues, you will see similarity in branding – logos, colors, and messaging are all consistent.

What is your message? Is it consistent?

If you need help with this and other ways to have a successful PR campaign, check out PR-101 at www.PRforAnyone.com/PR-101, my 15-module course that teaches you everything you need to know to handle your own publicity at a fraction of the cost of a publicist.

To Your PR Success,