Christina will inspire, motivate, and excite your audience with her passion and engaging storytelling. With a “girl-next-door” appeal, audiences are captivated by her authenticity, sincerity and her struggle for, then capture of, success. She’ll leave your audience filled with great ideas about creating opportunities, outside of the box thinking, and creating success in business.

As a serial entrepreneur, Christina has lived the often-bumpy road of owning her own business. She relates to your audience as a small business owner who has found success by doing whatever it takes to make things happen. Most recently, this has even included starting another business to help gain exposure for her existing business. “No” and “ultimate failure” have never been options for her and she presents the following workshops to your audience to motive and inspire them for success.

Christina is also available to participate in or moderate a panel discussion. Contact her at support@prforanyone.com.

Travel Logistics

  • Prefers to fly from IAD Dulles, VA – (Reagan National and Baltimore OK too.)
  • Coach Travel Acceptable
  • Hotel, food per diem, and ground transportation covered by client
  • Prefer travel to be booked via your master account

Presentation Logistics –

  • Wireless lavaliere
  • Projector with audio capability for embedded videos
  • Small table up front for laptop
  • Small table up front for props
  • No Lectern please
  • Table for book sales, if possible
  • Keynotes, Panel Discussions, or Break-Out Workshops available.


Pre-Order Christina’s bestselling book for your group, PR for Anyone 100+ Affordable Ways to Easily Create Buzz for Your Business, contact Support@PRforAnyone.com

Christina is Available
as an Interviewer

Christina’s Keynote/Workshop/Panel Topics

PR to Profit! Gain Exposure and Build Buzz

PR to Profit! Gain Exposure & Build Buzz

Do you ever wonder how businesses (maybe, your competition?!) get on TV, radio, print… even national shows? In this presentation, DIY PR Maven, Christina Daves, will share with the audience:

  • The three BIG mistakes they are making right now that keeps them from getting noticed by the media.
  • How to position themselves as an industry thought leader and get free publicity that will result in sales today.
  • Which tactics to use to keep them in the news for years to come.

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Fueling your inner chutzpah

Fueling Your Inner Chutzpah

If you could get your business in front of 7 million people for under $200 would you do it? How about 2 million people for free? When opportunity knocks, do you hear it? Christina will inspire your audience using real examples of how breaking traditional marketing wisdom got her business exposed to millions of people at little to no cost.

She will inspire your audience to:

  • Recognize opportunity when it knocks,
  • Summon the courage to answer, and
  • The feminine advantages that every woman has and should be using to grow a successful business.

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Stop Marketing Like It’s 1999?

1999 was a great year but many businesses are still marketing like it’s 1999. Do you look at your phone as a vehicle for calling and texting or do you look at it as the most significant marketing tool you own? Christina will humorously share the history of marketing and bring people into the 21st Century with examples, tips, and easy ways to market businesses to today’s audience.

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“Luck” – Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

Do you look at successful people and say, “They are so lucky”? Do you believe that people “luck” into things? Do you consider yourself “lucky” or “unlucky”? In this presentation, Serial Entrepreneur, Christina Daves, will share how it’s not luck that helps you succeed but instead, always being prepared when opportunity knocks.

She will share her personal journey and provide your audience with insight into how they can:

  • Create a “lucky” mindset.
  • Recognize, prepare for, and how to respond to the opportunities that are already knocking.
  • Build a habit for finding new opportunities and a mindset to achieve anything without needing “luck.”

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The Feminine Advantage to Building a Successful Business

Women run businesses completely differently than men. They collaborate. They nurture. They help other women succeed. Learn how this “Girl Power” mentality is what makes women businesses more successful than men’s and why 55% of women LOVE what they do while 45% of male owners hate what they do! In this empowering presentation, Christina will share:

  • Why it’s great to be a woman in business today.
  • What women do that men just don’t get and why women ultimately have more success.
  • The feminine advantages that every woman has and should be using to grow a successful business.

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How I Stumbled My Way To Success (Literally)

Want to know how to succeed in your business? Christina has made every mistake in the book as she’s grown five successful companies – but you don’t have to! Along the way, Christina learned the secrets that every entrepreneur and small business owner must have for success. Discover how you can apply them to YOUR personal and professional endeavors, so you can start enjoying a more satisfying and successful life.

In this presentation, she will show your attendees:

  • The FIRST barrier to success… and how you can overcome it (most entrepreneurs NEVER learn this and fail because of it.)
  • How you can get your friends and family on board with your entrepreneur dream… and why it’s so important that they stand behind you (hint: it’s not what you think!)
  • Her step-by-step journey from chaos to success… and how you can use her story as a blueprint for your own business!

And as much as Christina can squeeze in this info-packed and entertaining session (as well as the Stumble Story)!

Ideal For

Current and future entrepreneurs and small business owners


30/45/60 minutes

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Her Closely-Held Secrets To Getting TV, Radio & Print Publicity FOR FREE!

In this exclusive, behind-the-curtains look at the best-kept secrets in publicity, you’ll uncover the tricks that all top publicists rely on to generate exposure and boost sales for their clients. You’ll learn what 3 things you must stop doing immediately and what to do differently so you’ll get noticed by the media. Christina also shares success stories that her clients have enjoyed – tips you can use for your own business!

She’ll share:

  • What to START doing right now if you want FREE Publicity (that 99% of your competition isn’t doing!)
  • How to use your Free Publicity to your BEST advantage… make every one of your post-publicity sales count for as much as possible!
  • When Free Publicity isn’t enough and her top-secret strategy for getting the biggest bang for your buck… (Because let’s face it, at some point you’re going to need to ramp it up even further!)
  • And every other one of her best Free Publicity Secrets that she can legally share!

Ideal For

Anyone who does not have a publicity department!

Time: 30/45/60 minutes

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How to Be a Celebrity in Your Industry–So You Can Charge Higher Fees!

Industry celebrities earn higher fees for their recognized expertise – why can’t you, too? The good news is that YOU CAN! Christina will not only teach you how to be newsworthy on a regular basis, but she will also show you to position yourself as THE expert in your industry so the media is calling YOU as a source, not your competitors!

She’ll show you:

  • The biggest mistake that you’re making that will keep you out of the limelight… (Fixing this can REVOLUTIONIZE your business!)
  • What makes a good expert and how you can get there FAST…
  • The one detail that makes all the difference… including what you should AVOID like the plague if you want to increase your income!
  • Plus all her little tips and tricks to getting expert status right away and using it to your advantage!

Ideal For

All entrepreneurs, small business owners, subject matter experts, and professionals


30/45/60 minutes

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How To Be a NEW MEDIA Master – from Facebook to HuffPost and Everything In Between

Public relations is not dead, but the press release is (almost)! In this brand new presentation, you will gain the tools and tactics you need to succeed at public relations in the 21st Century. We’ll cover how to target journalists, build relationships with them, and become their go-to source for news, quotes, and stories.

You’ll discover:

  • The first mistake that 1 in every 10 people makes when pitching a journalist… and how you can avoid it to make YOU the ‘Journalist’s Best Friend!’…
  • Exactly how to structure your e-mails so that you almost ALWAYS get a reply… this alone is priceless to those that use it right!
  • How to position yourself AFTER your publicity to get the biggest effect for your business (this is where most people struggle and waste opportunity – that won’t be you!)
  • And everything else you need to know about “schmoozing” the journalists to get your name out there!

Ideal For

Marketing and PR Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Authors


30/45/60 minutes

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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Reviews

Fantastic presentation! Very motivational.

Thank you, thank you and again I say thank you. I can feel your passion coming through and you provide such valuable information.

Everyone LOVED you. Thank YOU for being so fabulous and for giving such a wonderful presentation. What an inspiration you are.

You really “wowed” me today with your presentation. Your story is really inspiring!

Everyone LOVED you. Thank YOU for being so fabulous and for giving such a wonderful presentation. What an inspiration you are.

If we could figure out how to bottle your passion…your energy…your perseverance, we’d make a billion dollars!

Your presentation was well delivered, relevant and very well received by our audience. Thank your for enabling us to further the education of our women business owners and leaders.

So impressive all you have accomplished. I was really inspired by your talk and enthusiasm.

You are a natural for motivational speaking. You have so much energy, guts and personal charisma.

Truly enjoyed your PRESENTATION!!!!!

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