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Your Television Appearance

I was holding a training last week and someone asked me, “What happens when you get your first television appearance… how do you prepare?”  That was a great question! So great that I thought I’d do a blog post about it.

1) Don’t be nervous!

First and foremost, have fun! Of course being nervous is normal, but don’t let it overcome you. ENJOY this exciting opportunity. My first television appearance was the Steve Harvey Show. This is very uncommon to start on national television. Usually you start locally.

I was a nervous wreck! I called my friend who is a hypnotist and asked if you could hypnotize me over the phone to calm me down. He gave me the best piece of advice. He said, “Christina, no one wants to see you fail. Everyone watching is routing for you. Just relax.” When I got on stage, I scanned the audience and he was right, everyone was smiling. I locked eyes with one women and she gave me a huge smile – almost a hug through her eyes – and at that moment, I knew I was OK.

2) Prepare!!

You’re going to have three to five minutes for your segment. Prepare sound bites. These are short snippets of information you can easily relay. Watch the show you are going to be on and get a feel for all the anchors. You’ll want to know if they are more serious, funny, do they stay on-topic, do they lead or let the guest lead? These are all things that will help your segment run more smoothly.

3) Look great!!!

Hair, makeup, and clothing are really important to the success of your segment. You want to look the part. Wear solid color clothing – preferably a bright color that will pop. For women, don’t wear “clanky” jewelry – you don’t want to distract the audience. Keep a television make-up bag. This goes for men and women. You have to wear heavier makeup and powder to avoid shine. Lights are bright and will wash you out.

My friend Tracey Garcia who owns Style Me Bar and was a make-up artist with FOX News for over 20 years did some how-to videos for television makeup.

Women’s Makeup – Watch here > https://youtu.be/aDuxn1WJ58U

Men’s Makeup – Watch here > https://youtu.be/2Q0gXWtjiH8

These tips should have you ready for your first television appearance. How do you get that appearance? Make sure you sign up for my free PR Challenge, www.YourPRChallenge.com to learn step-by-step exactly what to do to get media coverage.
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How a Journalist Thinks

For years, I’ve been speaking, writing and teaching about my interactions with journalists and how they talk about stories needing to “fit” and if you send in a good pitch but it doesn’t work now, it goes into a special file of “where can I make this work?”

It’s happened to me personally. I pitched Vail Beaver Creek Magazine about my medical boot fashions and I never heard back… until a year later when they reached out and said they loved the story when I sent it in, but it didn’t fit at that time. Then, Peekaboo Street, the former Olympic Gold Medal skier, broke her foot and they were doing a story about her and NOW it fit. She was in a boot and they were able to highlight my cool product.

As you may know, I know have a somewhat regular spot demoing cool products on my local ABC morning show, Good Morning Washington. I love doing this because it allows me to share great products I find in the marketplace. As an inventor, I tend to have an eye for products that make life easier or solve problems so now I get to share my expertise. This also puts me on the other side of the fence. I am now the journalist receiving pitches.

As the word is getting out and I put in my own HARO requests, people are sending me really great products. They are awesome but I have to make them fit into a story. I can’t just show seven products. I have to put them together so they flow and follow a theme. It’s really fascinating how it works and it allows me to see how it works from the journalist’s perspective.

Being on the other end now, I totally get it. I wanted to share this with you so you don’t get frustrated when you pitch a great story and it doesn’t get covered right away. It’s like a 1000-piece puzzle that you’re trying to put together. Eventually, you put it all together but it might take some time to find the perfect fit. But a good story will fit… eventually. So, keep pitching and stay front of mind with your target journalists.

If you haven’t joined the PR Challenge yet, please do at www.YourPRChallenge.com. People are having incredible success in there and getting tons of media coverage through HARO and their own pitching. We’ve even had a business collaboration happen as a result of it. Don’t miss out on getting massive visibility, today!

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